Live Fast, Die Young

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 Limited Edition of 30

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW!  Get your own psychedelic master of the sea now!

Signed and numbered.

These creatures know how to do it. Bold, vivid colours capture the beauty and complexity of these cephalopods.

The complexity of this design mirrors the complexity of these magnificent creatures of the deep. Three hearts and the ability to curl up into the smallest of spaces, they live comparatively short lives but they live it to the fullest. Whatever space they are squeezed into, willingly or otherwise, they make it work for them. This is an idea I can get on board with. Whatever it may be, make it work for you.

Limited to a run of 30, 13" x 19" in size and printed on Awagami Washi Bamboo paper; 170gsm. Dense yet wonderfully soft, this paper is 100% ecological with notable benefits over cotton-based papers. Crafted from natural fibres + pure mountain water, it’s handmade with tender love and care, just what I like!

Not only will you be purchasing a limited piece but you will be getting yourself one of the VERY FIRST 30 prints created by Emma Loveday Art. There are many many more pieces to come, this one will always be particularly special.


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