About Me

Hello one and all!

Firstly, a huge thank you for visiting my page. Who am I? Well...

Welsh artist (and very proud of it!) who aims to create work full of colour.  Bold, vibrant paintings that evoke positive feelings and uplift.  Colour is all important in my work and I strive to make each piece as vivid as I can.

The artistic flair certainly came from my fabulous mother and auntie Ange.  I would say a lot of my passion for painting came from looking through my mams old artwork and books or drawing with my auntie and painting using nail varnish (who needs paint?!) while an old black and white movie played in the background.  I did not acquire any of my artistic abilities from my father, who is a man of many skills and a wise old owl but unfortunately does not possess the talent that my mother does and struggles to scribble his own signature.  Sorry dad.  Love to you all.

Strangely, i'm currently working on a collection of artwork mainly focused around animals.   I am afraid of animals. Yes! That's right.  I LOVE them, but I am most definitely fearful. I do love the reaction I receive when I tell an animal lovers that little tid bit.  I was chased by a giant poodle when I was younger, ran into the road to get away from it and was subsequently grounded for being careless...It may or may not have something to do with it.  Ask the parents.  

I surprised myself when after many years of dry paintbrushes and no canvases in sight, I picked up the brush and the first painting created after a long long time, was an elephant.  There is a beautiful basic instinct that animals posses, and a certain simplicity to existence that I am indeed in awe of.  

A firm believer in self healing and self-care, I am an advocate for mental health awareness and considers painting to be my best form of therapy.  I would love for my artwork to put a smile on the faces of my viewers.

I've been constantly looking for a job that is fulfilling. I want to do my part in some small way in aiding the protection of this world and the people and creatures that live in it.  How do I do this I wonder?! Well, I am no big time activist, but I can paint.  So I am currently trying to create work that draws the focus to important issues in the world.  For example, the care and support of the planet we live live on and the creatures within it.  Or, more recently, my 30 Days of Drag challenge which came from the want to connect all people and hopefully add to the progress we are making in accepting all people, from all backgrounds and walk of life.

Working from my little house in Greenwich (my favourite place to be on a sunny day. Have you been? Oh, you must!), I am currently building a collection of original works which are also available as Limited Giclee prints.  

There's a lot going on and it's only just begun! If you want to keep updated then you can sign up for newsletters about upcoming work and events HERE.

Big love x