Some Things Take Time

Posted by Emma Loveday on

When you're starting a new venture that you feel passionately about, it's easy to get caught up in the overwhelming want to make it a success.  And so you should! It takes a lot of energy and effort and drive so if you have that motivation and sheer determination you should use every ounce of it to propel yourself forward.

A slight counter to this however, might be that if you start having days where you didn't manage to get everything on your list done, forgot to email this person, didn't get around to finishing that task or maybe even starting it; then you can be quite hard on yourself.

Recently I have found myself juggling a multitude of things which on their own would be easy to manage but collectively can be a struggle.  And I am not only referring to work or career centric goals but life goals as well.  Everything from managing a new business whilst maintaining the day job, trying to move house, keep in touch with friends and family and making sure I squeeze in a kettle bell class wherever possible.  Then you throw in doctor appointments, the dentist and a long overdue trip to Specsavers and suddenly the month is looking pretty full!  There was no chance I could have tried to learn a bit of Welsh as well, like I had wanted to... 'Popty ping' is apparently not actually the translation for microwave, like I had hoped.

I'd say that the above would be a pretty good representation of my month just gone and I must admit, all I could think most days was, 'I didn't manage to do any painting today. Again.'

Crouch, pause, engage.  Just like a rugby scrum, sometimes you have to take a moment before you have at it. 

My current piece will be on the humble honeybee in all it's psychedelic glory and it has infuriated the hell out of me this month to have not made more progress on it.  But, you know what. That's fine.  It's there, it's not going anywhere.

When you perhaps find yourself in times of frustration and overwhelm like this, the best piece of advice I could give is to take a breather.  'This is worst piece of advice Emma!  How could you say this to me, this solves nothing!'  Well, nothing can be more beneficial to you or your goals than having a bit of clarity.  Stepping back and looking at the big picture.  Feeling good, rested.

Did I get much painting done last month. A resounding no. Cool.

Did I celebrate with my family and friends on my birthday? Yes.  Have I seen my brother more often recently than I have done in the past 5 years? Yes. Have I had my first trip to Brighton, have I got a new job in field that excites me, have I booked a trip to a part of Wales I have never been before, have I handed out flyers for my art all over London, have I had some very important health appointments, have I made a conscious effort to see friends and support them when they need me..... YES!

We all like to beat ourselves up, punish ourselves for not doing more, more, more! But always try and step back, and really look at what has been going on.  If it's because you have a lot on your plate, acknowledge that, and see what you can do to relieve some pressure.  Something's gotta give! If it's because you're procrastinating, then why? Does something not feel quite right, are you not as excited about it as you thought you would be or are you lacking faith in your ability to see it through?  Whatever it might be, that's ok. No biggy.

Crouch, pause, engage.

Take a moment, think about it and talk to someone whose opinion you value.  And when you're good and ready - go for it!

So, having said all that, I now feel much better moving forward this month and working more on my lovely honeybee.  What's the end result going to look like? Who knows, your guess is as good as mine.

Big Love Xx