Orangutan canvas coming soon!

Posted by Emma Loveday on

After a month of focusing on the 30 days of drag challenge it was time to get back to work on the baby orangutan I had started before the challenge began.

I went back and forth considering what I would chose for the next canvas following the lion, 'I See You'. It was important to continue the collection focusing on magnificent animals that we all love and are in need of protection at this time.

An orangutan was suggested to me and at first I was not convinced.  Not of how great they are, but of how I would manage to paint this primate in the style of the previous canvases.  Well! I pondered and researched and stumbled across this picture of a cheeky baby orangutan and I was sold!

Unlike the others, I have made sure to keep this little guys hair true to its natural colour. I couldn't possibly change that! But true to the style of each painting before, there is  surreal element to this piece.  Blues, purples, pinks and greens have been used for the visible skin beneath the hair and the branch is a multi-coloured contrast to the semi-naturalistic nature of this particular piece.

What was most important was to capture that cheeky face! I hope I have managed to achieve this.

Watch this space, he will be joining the other original pieces of art very soon.

Now to think of a title....