Innocent Bliss

Posted by Emma Loveday on

It is with great pleasure that I can add to the Animal Collection the newest member, 'Innocent Bliss'.

What I was hoping to achieve with this painting was essentially the portrayal of a daydreaming child living moment to moment.   Enjoying and appreciating the small things in life, curious about their surroundings; carefree and joyful.

With the world we currently live in, it would be hard to deny that it can be tough.  As an adult we worry, we are concerned, we are aware of the tragedies and terrors of the world and sometimes that can mean that we aren't able to live our lives as we would if we were our younger spontaneous selves.  Perhaps we concern ourselves with our financial obligations, complicated relationships, negative friendships, jobs that don't fulfill us....the list goes on!  

This is not to say that life is only misery and suffering.  Au contraire!  This may be true, and unfortunately is for many, but there are an abundance of beautiful and amazing things in the world surrounding us including many a warm and beautiful people.

What occurred to me lately, before starting work on 'Innocent Bliss', is how wonderful it used to be to be a carefree infant where everything is new and everything is exciting.  Concerns and worries didn't extend further than the immediate surroundings and support systems.  A much simpler time in life that can only be appreciated as a grown adult with responsibilities of my own.

After stumbling across an image of a cheeky baby orangutan hanging from a branch, eyes wide and lips pursed as if he had just been caught red handed doing something he shouldn't, you couldn't help but smile! (And admittedly let out an involuntary 'AWWWW'). 

Many people are aiding, assisting and fighting for the protection of these creatures homes and habitats.  Organisations worldwide are constantly working to remove the Orangutan from the endangered species list as deforestation plows through the rain forest making way for human industry.  And here is this picture, caught in a moment of joy, of a baby Orangutan seemingly carefree and enjoying what the day brings.  What I wouldn't give!

SO! With these emotions running through me, it was clear what the next piece was destined to be.  Unlike the previous paintings, I worked from this specific image (found in the previous blog) to capture the essence of a curious, daydreaming child - in need of care and nurture but perhaps often with much greater resilience than we ourselves possess as adults. 

I kept him with his glorious orange trade mark hair but played about with the other colours to add as much vibrancy as possible; a playful painting for a playful young chimp.

Some organisations that do great work in support of the Orangutan:

Orangutan Foundation

Sumatran Orangutan Society

Save The Orangutan

The Orangutan Project

International Animal Rescue

There are many many more out there doing great work.  Check them out, donate if you can and if you are unable to, then a share on social media to promote their amazing achievements will be equally welcomed.  

Big love everyone Xx