A little Sunday doodling

Posted by Emma Loveday on

I was feeling sorry for myself last Sunday when I was stuck inside on what was a glorious sunny day.  So, I threw a good bad film on in the background and mindlessly doodled with coloured fineliners for the best part of the evening.  My next canvas is going to be the biggest yet of the one and only iconic king of the jungle.  I was hesitant about this; it has been done over and over again but i suppose there is a reason for this.  What these animals encompass are many traits that I think are admirable and we should try and enforce within ourselves and apply to our daily lives.  Strength, respect, integrity and honour being just a handful! I am drawn to these animals, I love what they stand for and I decided I wouldn't fight the urge to paint these epic creatures for fear of it being unoriginal.  It will be done my way, and i'm alright with that!  So, with that being said, I consider this a bit of research and now I can't wait to get started on the real deal...