30 Days of Drag

Posted by Emma Loveday on

Drag Queens Week 1

Around the world this month there will be colourful celebrations in support of Pride. So, what I have decided to do as my own personal way of supporting this loving movement is to dive in to a 30 challenge; 30 days of drag be specific.

Each and every day for 30 days I decided I would chose one of the fabulous drag Queens from around the world and paint them using bold, vibrant colours to celebrate their uniqueness, individuality and strength in showing the world who they truly are with PRIDE.

I'm beyond the first week and boy is it a challenge! But a challenge that is really so much fun to be doing.  Look at the colour!! And look at those Queens, beautiful!

Who do we have so far? Let's see;

Day 1 - Sasha Velour

Day 2 - Bianca Del Rio

Day 3 - Nina West

Day 4 - Danny Beard

Day 5 - Jinkx Monsoon

Day 6 - Kim Chi

Day 7 - Milk

A Queen is being posted daily on my Instagram and Facebook Page @EmmaLovedayArt.

I love the message of Pride.  Acceptance and love of all people from all backgrounds, all walks of life, with different world views and beliefs.  Quirks and all!

Can't wait to finish this collection at the end of the month with 30 FABULOUS drag Queen paintings ready to spread some love.