30 Days of Drag; Week 3

Posted by Emma Loveday on

Drag Queens week 3

A round up of week 3 of 30 days of Drag for PRIDE!

We've had a mixture of pure fabulousness, so much character and colour.  No two Queen's are the same.

A recap of this week's line up;

Day 15 - Cheddar Gorgeous
Day 16 - Alaska Thunderfuck
Day 17 - Anna Phylactic
Day 18 - Trixie Mattel
Day 19 - Ginger Minj
Day 20 - Vanji Matteo
Day 21 - Aquaria

Can't wait to bring you more fabulous queens for the last 9 days. I hope you are all enjoying this month of the rainbow ❤ Happy Pride everybody!!